Road to Rhode Island

Earlier this month my sister and I drove across the country from Texas alllll the way to Rhode Island to move me into school. I seriously cannot tell you how grateful I am to Tyler for being willing to endure this with me because three days in a two door car, moving me into my apartment, and then flying back to Texas at five in the morning before going to work on Tuesday was not an easy task, but since I have two of the best sisters in the world and Tyler happens to be one of them, we got it done!


Friday / Day One

States Traveled: Texas, Arkansas, Tennessee

The beginning! And probably the most boring day since it mainly consisted of driving. Leaving around 10am after Tyler got home from teaching an English class at TCU, we managed to get all the way to Knoxville, Tennessee around one in the morning. We drove through the entirety of Arkansas looking out for coffee and let me tell you, when we drove through Memphis and got to stop at Starbucks - it was like heaven. I never thought after working there for a year in Denver that I would ever be so happy to see that siren again. A couple hours later we got a boost of energy to finish the drive in Nashville where we got BBQ. This is also where I realized we weren’t in Texas anymore and I most definitely am not going to find the best BBQ on the planet outside of Texas.


Saturday / Day Two

States Traveled: Tennessee, Virginia, West Virginia, Maryland, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, New York

After a short four hours of sleep in a hotel, we started driving again at five in the morning. We had a lot of ground to cover if we were going to make it to Pennsylvania for a late family lunch and then to Brooklyn to stay in our airbnb for the night. I don’t ever remember driving through Virginia even though I’m almost positive I have when I was younger, but it takes the cake for the prettiest drive. Rolling hills and so much greenery surrounding us - it was beautiful. If only we could’ve seen it in the sunshine. The rain at this point was just plain annoying and I was so ready for it to stop, but unfortunately it followed us all the way up.

Stopping in Pennsylvania was a last minute decision and the best one we made. Earlier that week my dad had mentioned that we would be driving right through the idyllic town of Hummelstown where we have some family living. Once we figured that out, Tyler and I knew that we had to try and stop. Luckily, it worked out for everyone and I got to see my Grandma and Aunt and cousins for the first time in years - and for the first time since losing Pop-Pop. There were subs, serious throwbacks in some of the items around the house, and most importantly I was gifted a picture of my parents with my Grandpa (all smiling and looking at the camera too like a true miracle). After leaving with more snacks than we arrived with, we drove past the place where their house used to stand in front of an old church before a tragic fire happened. It was surreal seeing this magical place that I got to spend my childhood summers just gone and with absolutely no trace left behind.


If only we had known about the detour we were making earlier in planning this trip because I know we would’ve stayed longer, but New York was calling our names. With only one stop at a New Jersey Target (seriously, how did we end up at a Target and how did I end up spending $60?) we made it to New York City in record time. Tyler put on a brave face for the city driving and we were able to miraculously find parking right in front of our airbnb in Brooklyn and managed to not have anything stolen overnight! We were much too tired at this point to do any real exploring though, so we walked a couple of blocks, got some Chinese takeouts, and passed out around nine like true adults.


Sunday / Day Three

States Traveled: New York, Connecticut, Rhode Island, Massachusetts

Day three and the last time we would have to spend more than four hours in a car. We woke up and had the time to take our time before we wanted to be out and about. There was every intention to go to this diner about a mile away and we were ready for the walk to stretch out, but it sort of turned into breakfast tapas as we stopped at whatever bakery looked good along the way. Brooklyn provided some good views on the way though and luckily it was only slightly raining so we didn’t have to deal with any downpour. After brunch we got back into the car and that was it - our thirteen hours in NYC were over.


The last bit of the drive went so fast with only one stop in Connecticut for coffee and then arriving in Rhode Island around 3. At the end of it all, the ride wasn’t too bad. Would I do it again? Only with someone else. I can’t believe I had actually planned on driving by myself at one point. Now if only Taylor could’ve gone - it would’ve been the Dukes Sisters vs. The World.


5 thoughts on “Road to Rhode Island”

  1. What a great adventure that you got to spend with Ty! In a few years that exhaustion that you felt will be replaced with smiles and blissful memories of your excellent adventure!
    Good luck baby girl! You are almost ready to take the world by storm! I love you Hunter Bunter, you got this!

  2. You come visit the Pennsylvania relatives for subs, snacks and Love!!! It was a wonderful visit on a rainy day. Love you, Hunter.

  3. The blog you wrote was off the chart. Great job Hunter. Glad you got picture of pop pop with your mom and dad. I know you like baking but what a great job you did to write this.
    Love you

  4. Very nice commentary Hunter. I was enthralled all the way. Good luck this year and when it comes time to choose an internship, remember that Briant worked at South Seas Resort on Sanibel down near us for a period of time.

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