October Inspiration


“In October any wonderful unexpected thing might be possible.”

― Elizabeth George Speare, The Witch of Blackbird Pond

My favorite month and one of my favorite quotes from my favorite book – is there anything better than a new month starting on a Sunday? Possibilities, beginnings, and sunrises. It’s been a month now since I moved to Rhode Island and I am already overwhelmed at the beauty of everything around me, I’m sure I will be stunned when all the colors truly start to change even though they’re beginning to now.

School is in full swing, I have a job, and I’m still learning to balance everything at once. If you’ve noticed, I let the blog slip a little bit this month, but over the past week I have really been getting my stuff together. I need to figure out what exactly I want to do about taking food picture in my apartment though because unfortunately I don’t have the same marble background that I was privileged with back home.

Yesterday to end the month I drove up to Boston to go see Harry Styles in concert and had a truly magical experience. I jokingly posted on my Facebook that somebody should send me money to be able to go and lo and behold, only ten minutes later I get a text from Taylor telling me to check my bank account. It’s a Christmas present/birthday present/something to hold over my head for at least ten years and I’ll spend the same amount of time trying to top that gift.

What am I up to this month? Well, more of the same, but add a trip to NYC at the end of the month courtesy of past me. And don’t you worry because I’m sure I’ll post all about that too.


  • My favorite color again!! I am in love with yellow and gold and the like right now.
  • As listed above, my favorite book is The Witch of Blackbird Pond for a lot of sentimental reasons and I am currently reading it.
  • Being pen pals with my pal Rebecca back home. She da best.
  • Catskill Mountain House by Thomas Cole
  • Chai tea lattes (enough said).
  • I got a new journal!! What do I put in it though? That’s too much pressure to think about.


Excuse the amount of Harry Styles and focus on the fact that Hanson makes another appearance.

Heads up that there is explicit language. If you don’t want to check out the whole thing, here are some highlights.

  • Harry Styles – Girl Crush
    • Worth a listen, just trust me
  • Sorority Noise – Second Letter From St. Julien
  • The Homeless Gospel Choir - Alright
  • The Frights – You Are Going to Hate This
  • Post Malone – Leave
  • MUNA – Everything
  • The Rolling Stones – Coming Down Again
  • Vundabar – Holy Toledo
  • Citizen – Flowerchild
  • Seahaven – Honeybee
  • Frank Ocean – Bad Religion
  • Wavves – Green Eyes

goals from last month

  • Make a new home for myself
  • Get a job (wow that’s daunting)
  • Continue to relearn my camera
  • Keep this blog updated
    • it's a learning process
  • Try not to get overwhelmed by products
  • Make time to do art
  • Finish half of my art journal
  • Keep in touch with family while away because I have a terrible habit of dropping off the face of the earth

    • Could be better
  • Explore your new city !!
  • Find good coffee
  • Be mindful of the food I’m putting into my body
  • Actually go to class and do all the homework
  • Start saving for a new laptop before the dinosaur I have finally dies
    • this definitely did not happen oops

goals for the month

  • Finish half of my art journal for real this time
  • Learn balance between school and work and blogging
  • Save money !!
  • Be mindful of the food I’m putting into my body
  • Continue to keep up with homework
  • Be ahead of the game with projects / tests
  • Don’t eat a bunch of cake at work
  • Don’t drink coffee every single day
  • Send thank you notes

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