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Breathe in, friends. The new year is here and I am so excited. I know resolutions have gotten a bad reputation lately, but I’m one of those optimistic people who loves them. I might be a little different though because they don’t differ much from my normal monthly goals (except, ya know, they’re for a much longer period of time).

Reflecting back to my resolutions of 2017 and how I feel now versus how I felt when I first made them, I would say this past year has been a success. Of course there were different trials and tribulations, as one can expect every year of living, but I think I have a much clearer direction and steps to take for the pieces I’m not 100% secure in.

Last year’s resolution highlights and successes:

  • Grow a plant (I currently have six that I’ve kept alive for months)
  • Change your eating habits (look, I’m not going to go into it, but eating and I are on way better terms)
  • Make more art (making anything in 2017 would’ve been more than 2016)
  • Love more genuinely (y’all, I love my family and friends and this past year especially I have vocalized this love in a way that I’ve never been able to)

Last year's resolutions that still need some work:

  • Start to relearn French (lol)
  • Workout regularly (the whole ‘regularly’ thing needs some work)
  • Go out more (this ties into my three resolutions this year, but personally I need to work on going out and experiencing more)

In the year of 2018, I have three simple resolutions: paint more, love more, see more. Painting is something that I’ve come to realize is something that absolutely can be improved and learned. I used to think it was a skill you either had or didn’t have, but my own personal growth has proven that fact wrong. Going from never ever painting to creating something new every week can inspire some seriously badass pieces to be proud of. Loving more is still challenging myself to continue to show my love out loud, but this year I’m trying to especially love myself out loud by doing things that make me feel good and confident (and believe it or not, this blog is gonna fall under that category). It’s going to be a process, but it always has been and it always will be. Seeing more is for both travelling and staying in the town I’m living in. Right now, I have to be in very particular moods to go out exploring and more often than not, the idea of going home and cooking myself dinner before falling into bed trumps the idea of going out. I’d love to experience more this year, even if that just means checking out a new coffee shop.

This time last year I was living in Denver and frantically/nervously planning my upcoming move back home and then up to Providence where I currently live. I can’t wait to see where I’ll be this time next year and can only hope I’ve grown into something better than I am right now, even if it's the smallest change.


  • The Flower Market on 7th Street is my favorite place in the entire metroplex. This small little shop can brighten any mood and should be on your list of places to go in Fort Worth.

  • Icy blues are back and I’m all about it, if you couldn’t tell from this month’s lil painting.
  • Ryan McGinley has been my favorite photographer for a while, especially since I saw his installation ‘The Kids Were Alright’ at the Denver Museum of Art and I was so, so delighted to see a print of his in Fort Worth.

  • Dreaming of dreary weather (but could it please stay above at least 25 degrees please)
  • Winter jasmine is about to be in season and I can’t waaaaaaiiiiitttttt.
  • I recently made Joy the Baker’s cookies and cream chocolate chip cookies and have been obsessed with her blog ever since. Goals.
  • I’m on a pencil over watercolor kick right now, love being able to be loose with the paint while still creating a clear picture.


Lots of new music (to me) this month with a few lingering songs from last year’s playlists.

Heads up that there is explicit language. If you don’t want to check out the whole thing, here are some highlights.

  • The Homeless Gospel Choir - Don’t Know
  • Sorority Noise - Fluorescent Black
    • “I'm just an orchard in the late winter months and you're just a harsh wind
      that blows me away”
  • Sad Cops - You Did It All for Me
  • The Stone Roses - I Wanna Be Adored
  • Vundabar - Sad Clown
  • SadGirl - Little Queenie
  • Daniel Caesar - Japanese Denim
  • Jeff Buckley - Just Like a Woman
  • Fishboy - Former Performance Artist
  • mewithoutYou - Every Thought A Thought Of You
  • The Antlers - Kettering
    • “You made me sleep all uneven and I didn't believe them when they told me that there was no saving you”


goals from last month

  • Plan a budget for Christmas / Christmas Break and stick to it
  • Love all of my friends out loud
  • Leave behind a clean room / house to come back home to
  • Don't fall behind in class because you're excited for break
  • Drink enough water everyday
    • Definitely slipped lately
  • Return your library books!
    • It’s officially too late for them and I got the dreaded email
  • Paint more (though I did finally make it halfway in my journal)
    • I finished the whole thing
  • Take more pictures


goals for the month

  • Go to the dentist
  • Update my professional resume
  • Start a regular update schedule for tha blog
  • Start a new book (??)
  • Apply for an accelerated program
  • Think about Spring Break
  • Maybe do a round of Whole30

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