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January of 2018 might have been the longest month I’ve experienced so far. I honestly thought it was over two weeks ago to be honest, but no, it kept dragging by.

I’m not sure if you’ve noticed my absence, but I took a little bit of a break. Break might be a strong word because a lot of it was spent planning and scheming, but I didn’t make anything recipe worthy and I didn’t pick up a paintbrush once. After my frantic last two weeks of December when I was painting like mad to finish my second art journal of 2017, I was burned out and needed to give myself a break.

Yesterday was my first day back painting when I put together this month’s colors and today starts a February challenge I’m taking a part in called ‘February Flowers’ on instagram which involves painting/drawing/creating some sort of floral design every day. I don’t know how that’s going to fair, but my first attempt may or may not be inspired by Harry Styles’ Gucci suits in honor of his birthday. I retained way too much knowledge of the boys of One Direction from all those years ago.

The days are getting longer now, even the extra minutes of sunlight in the evening are something to look forward too. I think I’m accustomed to the cold now (and the snow) but we’ve actually had quite a few days of sunshine the last two weeks (thank God).

How are your resolutions going? I’ve seen some going strong and some broken so far. Mine are going alright. One of them was to make more art, so taking a month off of painting probably wasn’t the most beneficial thing to do, but I think that it was a much deserved break and this month I’ll get back to it and make up for any lost time.

Finals are coming up again for people like me who endure trimesters instead of semesters. It’s going to get crazy, but here’s hoping I’ll keep up to date this month and don’t get lost in the madness.


  • The Nitro Bar just opened up here in Providence and I’ve already been three times. I seriously can’t get over how cute it is (and how good the coffee is).
  • Florals. Drown me in florals as I wait for spring.
  • My succulents and plants have officially survived since the beginning of the school year and I am so proud of my black thumb.
  • My sister FaceTimed me to show me all of our puppies back home in Texasand it was precious.

  • I’ve been getting back to my roots recently and have been painting lots of loose colors rather than shapes. I’m in an inspiration block and knowing that there’s no specific outcome I have to have has been really beneficial.
  • I started taking online classes at skillshare.com!


This month is definitely a feel good month. Have to keep positive to combat seasonal depression, amiright?

Heads up that there is explicit language. If you don’t want to check out the whole thing, here are some highlights.

  • James Blake - A Case of You
  • Black Hole Bears - Kittydog
  • mewithoutYou - Every Thought A Thought Of You
  • The Velvet Underground - Sweet Jane
  • Sorority Noise - Dirty Ickles
  • Motion City Soundtrack - Even If It Kills Me
  • The Front Bottoms - Ocean
  • Pinegrove - Overthrown
  • Phoebe Bridges - Smoke Signals
  • Diner - Fifteen on a Skateboard
  • Fleetwood Mac - Over My Head
  • PHOX - Slow Motion
  • Grizzly - Two Weeks

goals from last month

  • Go to the dentist
  • Update my professional resume
  • Start a regular update schedule for the blog
  • Start a new book
  • Apply for an accelerated program
  • Think about Spring Break
  • Maybe do a round of Whole30

goals for this month

  • Go to the dentist
  • Update my professional resume
  • Start a regular update schedule for the blog
  • Try new recipes
  • Save money
  • Stay positive
  • Go to a museum

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